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Spring, Glorious Spring!

"Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!" ~Sitting Bull

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Spring, glorious spring! It seems I've been waiting such a long time for this season to come and she is finally upon us! This year the colors seem richer, the sun seems warmer, the birds sound sweeter. Perhaps it has just been a very long winter - but I plan to embrace the season with all my might!

I know it has been some time since I last posted - but my faithful Scout and I have been spending a lot of time soaking up Mother Nature's love - and, of course, looking for the precious jewels she has to share. For me, that's the easy part! The hard part is being disciplined enough to sit down at my computer and go through the countless files to find just the right one to share!

I thought I'd kick things off with a bang. As many of you may know - spring is warbler season...the best time ever to be a birder! And while they seem to be a little slow to arrive here in New England, when you do find one, they don't disappoint! And this little Yellow-rumped Warbler proves my point 🙂 He couldn't have picked a better spot to pose!

The Yellow-rumped Warbler is one of the most common and widespread warblers in North America. And while most warblers migrate to the warmer tropics in the fall, these warblers can winter as far north as New England and Seattle. One of the reasons it is able to winter in the north is because of its ability to eat the fruits of Bayberries and Wax Myrtles . In fact, it is the ONLY warbler that can digest the waxes found in these fruits. So I guess it is no wonder that this warbler is one of the first to appear on the scene. It doesn't have as far to travel!

Stay well, my friends - and take the time to enjoy Mother Nature, even if it is just looking out your window. The signs of hope abound.. Nature is good for the soul!

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