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“It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” ~Paulo Coelho

As a wildlife photographer, I am always searching for the next extraordinary photo...the Bald Eagles tumbling in a 'death spiral,' a Red-tailed Hawk pouncing on its prey, a Fox Kit poking its nose out of the den for the first time...and I often find that task quite daunting. Oh, I will be the first to admit stumbling upon any of those scenes certainly gets my blood pumping; but those moments are far from the norm, and rarely just "stumbled upon." Wildlife Photography is an exercise in patience to say the least!

Yesterday I found myself wandering in the woods. Oh sure, there is always that part of me that hopes I will spot something "exciting," but to be honest with you - I was completely content just being outside. The sky was blue, the air was crisp and the woods were alive with the sounds of nature. That is when I came upon this simple little scene. It wasn't some magnificent raptor soaring through the skies...but just two common forest friends...seemingly having a little chat. Perhaps they were discussing the Hawk they saw hunting in the field that afternoon...or maybe they were just stopping by to say hello. Of course I never will know, but it was at this very moment that I truly is the simple things that are the most extraordinary.

Red-bellied Woodpecker and Tufted TitmouseEssex County, MA

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Unknown member
Jan 25, 2020

Just dropping by to say how much I like this photo which should be an inspiration to all of us :-). And the great post that goes along with the photo :-).

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