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About Leigh

Leigh is a wildlife photographer and storyteller originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Her love for photography began at the age of 7 - after receiving her first camera from her Dad. She has a degree in education and is passionate about learning and teaching others about birds and wildlife. Leigh loves spending her days observing, capturing those moments, and sharing her experiences with others through her photos and storytelling. She has been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and Audubon South Carolina.  Several of her photos are included in the new National Wildlife Federation publication: Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife (Expanded Second Edition) authored by David Mizejewski.


Contributing Photo: Special Issue National Wildlife Magazine April-May 2020

Contributing Photos: National Wildlife Federation: Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife, Expanded Second Edition

Awards & Nominations:

2019 National Wildlife Federation: Category Runner-up

2019 National Wildlife Federation: Honorable Mention

2019 Topsfield Fair: Committee Award

2019 Beaver Brook Fall Festival Art Show: 2nd Place - Photography

2018 Audubon South Carolina Calendar Photo Contest

2018 Peregrine Falcon Photo Contest: 1st Place

2018 National Wildlife Federation Garden for Wildlife: Honorable Mention

2017 Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Nature and Wildlife Photography Contest: 1st Place; Adult Wildlife

2017 National Wildlife Federation: Honorable Mention



BA - Education/Instructional Technology - University of Wyoming

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