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Red-Tailed Hawk


Life in the Nest

March 16th was the first day the hawks began laying on the nest in earnest.  Typical incubation period is between 28-35 days, so we can begin to look for chicks somewhere around April 12th-19th.

Even though the eggs are not all laid on the same day, incubation does not start until the last egg has been laid. Typically all of the eggs hatch within 2-3 days of each other, with some even hatching on the same day. Clutch size for Red-tailed Hawks can range between 1-5 eggs, but the typical size is 3.

While both parents will bring food in to the nest to feed the chicks, it will be the Mama that does all of the feeding.  Around 4-5 weeks of age, the parents will begin to just leave food at the nest and allow the chicks to feed on it themselves.

The chicks will remain in the nest for about 6-7 weeks after hatching.  

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